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Nara - Sparkling water

Nara - Sparkling water

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Sparkling drinking water in an endlessly recyclable can 500 ml. Composition: Drinking water, carbon dioxide 4 mg/l.


  • Sheet metal is infinitely recyclable
  • 75% of aluminum has been in circulation for 120 years
  • It takes 60 days for a discarded can to become a new one
  • In the world, on average, 65% of cans are recycled, in contrast to 12% of plastic bottles
  • Recycling cans saves 95% of energy compared to making a new can


Thanks to the opacity and non-invasive packaging, the water remains in the same quality and purity as when taken from the spring.


Deep water from the Upper Moravian Bay contains a balanced amount of minerals and harmonious vitality.

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